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The advantage of 24-hour service and comprehensive spare parts supply

Spain’s favourite OMNIplus Services

The bus professionals at the 14 European BusStore locations, also offer OMNIplus services. We asked around in Madrid to find out which OMNIplus services our Spanish customers are most fond of. 

“In a country the size of Spain, with 46m inhabitants spread over 500,000 square kilometres, it is very important to be able to offer your services across the entire country.” According to Gonçalo Rodrigues, the Head of Customer Service and Vehicle Exchange at EvoBus Ibérica, the OMNIplus Service Network offers crucial advantages. “Of our 54 OMNIplus stations in Spain, 28 offer 24-hour service with their own service vehicles that can help at the site of a breakdown at any time. And our BusStore customers also profit from this, place great value as they do on having their vehicles on the road, not in the garage.” 

As a further OMNIplus service that is popular in Spain, Gonçalo Rodrigues mentions the technical courses of instruction on vehicles and the training for drivers. These courses are widely carried out by local experts, though teachers from Germany are occasionally brought in. Often they can also be carried out online in the so-called “aula virtual”, a virtual classroom. In addition to training for the Spanish market, courses are also given in South America, as happened in 2017, when training sessions were given by Daimler Buses for the Latin-American sales team, also covering the subject of second-hand vehicles.

Competent OMNIplus Spare Part Service

Many Spanish customers have their own workshops for their bus fleets and want to carry out many work themselves. Nevertheless, they still rely constantly on OMNIplus’ spare part competencies. 

Since 2014, the main store for spare parts for the Iberian market is in Miralcampo, about 25 km north-east of Madrid. This has markedly improved the situation of spare part stockpiles. Gonçalo Rodrigues confirms this: “Also, BusStore customers are making more and more use of the offer of refurbished replacement parts for used buses, and not only because of the cheaper prices, but also because they guarantee the same quality and durability as new OMNIplus parts from the factory..” 

This shows that OMNIplus services in Spain are the perfect complement to the BusStore range.

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