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Unless specified otherwise, all brands named on the Internet site and web pages of EvoBus GmbH are legally protected trademarks of EvoBus GmbH or Daimler PLC, including model names as well as all company logos and emblems.

Forward-looking statements

Many Internet sites contain forward-looking statements based on views and assessments about future events made by the management of EvoBus GmbH or Daimler PLC. The words "anticipate," "assume," "believe," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "may," "plan," "project," "should" and similar expressions are used to identify forward-looking statements. Such statements reflect the views of EvoBus GmbH or Daimler PLC. with respect to future events at the time they were made. These statements are subject to many risks and uncertainties. As explained in the reports that Daimler PLC. submits to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (including the latest annual report on Form 20-F), many influencing factors could cause our actual results to be materially different from those we express or imply by the statements herein. Such factors include, in addition to changes in the general economic climate and business conditions, changes in currency exchange rates and interest rates, the introduction of competing products, the possible lack of acceptance of new products or services, as well as changes in our corporate strategy. EvoBus GmbH and Daimler PLC. do not intend or assume any obligation to continuously update these forward-looking statements. Any forward-looking statements only apply to the conditions existing on the date on which they were published.

Products and prices

After the original editorial deadline for certain web pages, some subsequent changes may have been made to them. The information and statements on this web site should be regarded as approximate. The right to change prices is expressly reserved; no responsibility for errors and omissions. The illustrations may also show accessories and special/optional equipment not included in the standard scope of delivery. Slight variations in colour may occur for technical reasons. This web site may also contain models and mention customer services that are not available in all countries.Statements concerning prices and series equipment and relating to statutory, legal and fiscal guidelines and consequences only apply to certain countries. The prices in force on the date of delivery will apply. For final and binding prices, please contact an EvoBus sales office, a general distributor or subsidiary.


EvoBus GmbH wants to offer you an innovative and informative Internet presence. We hope that you enjoy the creativity of its design and layout as much as we do. Nevertheless, we would like to remind you that EvoBus GmbH must protect its intellectual property, including patents, trademarks and copyrights and that these Internet pages do not and cannot grant any person or organization licensing rights to the intellectual property of EvoBus GmbH.

Liability and warranty

The information made available here by EvoBus GmbH is presented without assurance or warranty, expressed or implied. Also disclaimed are any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or non-infringement of laws and third-party rights such as patents. Even though we believe that the information provided by us is correct, it still may nevertheless contain inadvertent errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

Information about online dispute resolution

The European Commission has established an internet platform for online dispute resolution (so called “ODR platform”). The ODR platform is a point of entry for out-of-court resolutions relating to contractual obligations of online sales contracts. You can get to the ODR platform by following the link:


Information according to § 36 Verbraucherstreitbeilegungsgesetz (VSBG)

This applies to German users: Daimler AG will not participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board in terms of the VSBG and is not obliged to do so.

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