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Successful anniversary expo in Warsaw

BusStore Show in Warsaw a great success

Large crowds of customers at anniversary expo

About 60 pre-owned buses and coaches, primarily models from Mercedes-Benz and Setra, were lined up in Warsaw on 9 and 10 March to be inspected, tested and purchased by the specialist audience. For its fifth anniversary, the pre-owned bus and coach brand BusStore welcomed some 300 visitors from 20 countries.

As if on cue, the morning sun illuminated the perfectly lined-up bus and coach vehicles just in time for the start of the expo. The asphalt in front of hall D of the Ptak Warsaw Expo, still wet from the rain, impressively reflected their silhouettes.

Among the buses and coaches on show, the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo was unmissable. BusStore Director Dr. Bernhard Neef wasn’t surprised about this. The popular overland coach is often used by long-distance operators. Especially in Eastern Europe, there has been a real run on these vehicles, which are mostly in perfect condition. But this was just one of many reasons for the strong customer interest in the BusStore Show, which was held in the Polish capital – instead of in Neu-Ulm – for the first time on this fifth anniversary of the pre-owned bus and coach brand.

Customers from across Europe

An overland coach with potential buyers on board arrived from the Baltic States. Overall, customers from 20 European countries participated in the expo – predominantly from Poland, but also from Sweden, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Italy, to name but a few countries.

They made extensive use of the opportunity to talk to one another and to the numerous omnibus experts, including specialists from OMNIplus and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. And of course, it wouldn’t have been an anniversary without a big cake for BusStore’s fifth birthday. Dr. Neef and the new CEO of EvoBus Polska, Artur Konarski, cut it together. At the end of the two-day second-hand bus expo, both were visibly pleased about selling two-thirds of approximately 60 vehicles on display.

Successful anniversary expo in Warsaw

BusStore on a growth course

The internationality of the audience at the BusStore Show in Warsaw and the range of pre-owned buses and coaches on display symbolise the rapid development of the BusStore brand. “We started out as lone warriors five years ago, and today we’re a real team – from Portugal to the Balkans, and from Scandinavia to Southern Europe,” stressed Dr. Neef. “Currently, the Eastern European second-hand bus market is larger than Western Europe’s.” He announced that the brand would continue to grow in its 19 locations and also intends for it to be represented in all major European markets by the end of 2018. Nor did he rule out that the BusStore Show 2019 would once again take place at an important future location for the BusStore brand outside Germany.

Bus catalogue, list of used buses

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